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Friday Feature - Author Spotlight Jacintha Topaz

I am happy to introduce Feature Friday for my readers. Each week I'll be spotlighting fellow Independent authors and their books.

I am proud to introduce upcoming author Jacintha Topaz. Jacintha is the author of Purr Erotica. Her first book Purr Scent 1 The Meeting in the series now available. I had a chance to talk with Jacintha about how she got started and why she chose this particular subject as her first series. I hope you enjoy the interview.

How did you get started writing erotica?

As a new mom—again—I craved the escape that adult romance allowed me to enter. I indulged in these reads and at first convinced myself that I was just reading erotic romances for my own little naughty research, of course. :-) You see, I was trying to come up with the correct formula to “make it” as a romance author. However, the more adult romances I read, the more my mind wandered to “what if” variations of the stories and writing for a young adult audience eventually seemed too tame for the likes of me.

After reading the work of quite a handful of authors, I realized I wanted to see something different. I kept looking for that something different in every book I read and felt something missing. Then I understood where my work had to enter—that I should go ahead and write what I want to read.

So when my kids go to bed, I write about life before kids. :-) I'm not against writing about the sexy life of mothers, though. In fact, a minor character in the current story I am writing is a single mother.

What kind of erotica do you write?

Well, currently I am writing a BDSM MFF (male-female-female) story. A lot of the menage stories out there are MFM (male-female-male). Most common are two dominant heterosexual men with one submissive heterosexual female. I've stumbled upon a story about a bisexual man who gets the girl and the boy (not kink-related). I've also read one story about two bisexual men with their lady (not kinky either).

My story, however, explores a bi girl being dominated by a MaleDom and a FemDom. The MaleDom in my story is very used to getting his way and quite brash about getting it—you meet him in the first book in the five-part story. The FemDom, who appears in the second book, is a successful executive with a super tough exterior in a man's world; she's out to dominate every man she could as a very detached Mistress. Of course, these two alphas collide and the bi girl is caught in the middle. I'm so looking forward to book three, when the two alphas are trying to dominate each other, but I'm mostly anticipating the sparks that will sizzle when the Mistress struggles to exert her dominance over the other two. Book four shows more of each character's growth, with certain stakes increased. Book five wraps things up, leading to their eventual commitment as a threesome.

I wrote this story with the bi girl in mind, the girl who needs the softness of a woman and the hard edge of a man. After I'm done with this particular story, I intend to explore writing MM and FF romances—contemporary and paranormal with BDSM themes.

Would you say that you write LGBT erotica then?

To be honest, I'm comfortable writing LGB erotica. The T is still in question. I do have a character in mind for one of my romances set in contemporary times and I intend to play with the T in a paranormal context as well.

I like meeting my characters and getting into their heads, getting to the core of who they are and why they do the things they do and where they want to be. You'll see that even in my current BDSM MFF menage story that you will find out some surprises about the little sub. Although I enjoy writing about the FemDom in that story, it's the sub who intrigues me the most because she's the one strong enough to bring together the MaleDom and the FemDom who were at first glance at odds with each other so they would all eventually link up as a threesome. The sub in that story fascinates me and I'm looking forward to sharing their story with readers.

What got you into writing kinky stories?

I love exploring power in my stories. Power over, power within, power under, power with, etc. Hand in hand with that exploration are the gray areas of oppression and consent. So writing in the BDSM context naturally came up for me, and I am grateful that kinky stories have gained traction in recent times—especially with the advent of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Kink has suddenly become a strong niche genre in current times and I'm happy to be contributing to the present wave.

Believe it or not, though, the very first erotic romance books I read were not E.L. James' trilogy! The honors go to Kallypso Masters' Masters at Arms and Nobody's Angel in the Rescue Me Series. For those interested, both books have BDSM MFM (male-female-male) menage scenes.

Can you tell us a little more about the MFF story you're working on right now?

Purr Scent is a five-part story in the Purr Billionaire BDSM Trio series.

Part I: The Meeting
Mariah Olsen has mastered separating work ambitions from personal desires in her climb up the corporate ladder. The one thing she didn't count on was being caught mixing the two when daydreaming in a board meeting with visiting executive Clark Mannings, who has his eyes set on punishing her.

So that's the blurb! :-) Although BDSM is safe, sane and consensual, Clark can be quite imposing; he borders on dubious consent when he hatches a plan to dominate his fledgling submissive Mariah. She doesn't know it yet, but she is bi-curious and you'll find out more about that in Part II: The Makeover.

Here's an Excerpt from Chapter 1

Sitting across the boardroom in utter perfection was Dream God. No other word sufficed to describe that delectable man. Even sitting at such a distance with their executive teams flanked on both sides of the table, the man exuded ruthless sex and raw power that sent a chill down her spine.
The highlight of that morning, of the day, the whole quarter, was that she would see him again. Like clock work, their companies met four times a year to discuss business. After their first contract, she had looked forward to the next and the next and the next...
God, what would it be like to be beneath him? She'd never find out, because she just wasn't that kind of girl. Business was business. Personal was personal. While she liked fucking, she didn't like getting fucked. Mixing the two—business and personal—was a plain invitation to getting fucked. No, thank you. She'd rather just date her vibrator. She'd have a good fucking and no mess—just her mess—to clean up afterward.
Yes, she and her vibrator would have a nice long date tonight. She shifted in her seat.
“What do you think, Ms. Olsen?” The deep baritone voice of Dream God cut into her reverie.
No, not Dream God! Clark...Clark Mannings. Business only.  
Caught daydreaming across the boardroom, Mariah blinked at the object of her reverie and saw the broad shoulders of the red-hot sexy self-made man in a navy tailored three-piece suit. With black hair long enough to frame him as a pirate or a rogue in another time and place, Mariah shuddered at the thought of being this man's enemy . . . or captive. She fought a blush from creeping across her face.
Right now, even sitting at the head of the table across from him, she didn't feel any more safe—or any less wet—than she would have felt sitting next to him. Didn't even matter that their executive teams were in the same room. As potentially partnering CEOs again, the command he held, the presence he had, the air he snuffed out of the room just by breathing and being—all of that and more said a lot. A lot of what she did not need right now at the moment.
His penetrating gaze almost unmanned her. Or unwomanned her. Or whatever.
Mariah's fleeting glance at the magnificent view of the Seattle skyline steeled her courage and she sat as erect as the Space Needle. No way would she ask the man to repeat the question. Nor would she back down. She braved a schooled smile and spoke in what she hoped was a crisp and calm manner. “That shall be all for today, Mr. Mannings. My team will review these details and get back to you about the proposition.”
At the dismissal, their executive teams exited.
She'd never sent him away empty-handed, without verbal agreement or a signed contract. She'd probably have to pay for this later, but she'd rather keep her hand. She needed both of her hands for her hot date tonight.
How did the air get even stuffier with less people? Perhaps because there was only one occupant left besides her, the occupant that mattered.
Mariah didn't need to look up to know that Clark was still in the room. She adjusted her taupe pencil skirt as she stood up and slowly collected her things to retreat to her office. As if even his presence wasn't enough, he guarded the exit like a bulldog ready to tear anyone apart who dared pass.
“What game are you playing, Ms. Olsen?” he hissed at her ear. His warm breath sent a tingle down her spine and her senses went on full alert. So what if the man was edible?
Survival instinct took over. Show no weakness.
“Mr. Mannings, I believe you have overstayed your welcome.” She shot him a prim smile and proceeded to pass him.
He grabbed her arm, stilling her resolve to leave him behind. “I've watched you negotiate for two years now. Where. Did. You. Go?”
Taken aback by his admission and the succeeding demand, Mariah pulled in a sharp intake of air. “Mr. Mannings, you must let go before I call security.” She glared at him and directed her gaze to the offending hand. He may be a frequent visitor in her erotic fantasies, but he was not welcome in real life. Good girls turned CEOs had to remain pinnacles of upright standing all the more in a male-dominated world intent on cut-throat competition.
“As you wish, Ms. Olsen.” He dropped his hold and let her pass, muttering, “This isn't over.”
Every hair at the back of her neck stood on end as she carefully made her way to her office. Lunch couldn't have come sooner.

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