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Tantalizing Thierry

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support. 

Last week I gave readers a glimpse of Sebastian. This week we get Peyton's first glimpse of Thierry. Diamonds Aren't Forever 

“Yes,” she quipped. “Sebastian and his brother...” Oh, shit, why did I mention the absent brother? She fought the urge to hang her head.
“Thierry.” Peyton’s head snapped towards the baritone voice in the doorway, her friends had recently vacated.
All moisture left her mouth, collecting between her legs at the sight of the half-naked, and oh so delectable man, standing there. His skin had a permanent tan and his hair was black as Sebastian’s. 
...Tearing her eyes away from that promising stare, her breath backed up in her lungs, as they landed on black jeans slung low on his hips, the waistband unbuttoned, as if he’d hastily dressed.    

Bad girl Peyton Gilbrad meets her match in brother's Sebastian Thierry Boudreaux. They've kidnapped her. Exposed her past. And worst of all, they've captured her heart. 

Chapter 1 on Goodreads

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Bad boy Sebastian

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support. 

Last week I gave readers a glimpse of Peyton's personality. This week I'm adding her thoughts upon seeing Sebastian for the first time. Diamonds Aren't Forever 

Sated, pleasantly tipsy, the party winding down, she got into the back of the limo, her cream silk pants whispered over soft leather where she came face to face with tall, dark, and brooding.
At first she thought it was a trick of the light. But no, even then she intuitively knew his scowl was a normal part of his demeanor. 

It wasn’t that he wasn’t handsome. In fact, quite the opposite if one liked dark, moody men. And who would’ve thought she did. Her body shivered deliciously as his denim blue eyes roamed leisurely over her. 

‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ replaces the clichéd’ and archetypal erotic romance heroine with a strong-willed former criminal who is more than capable of running life’s show. However, her power and tenacity is quickly over-ruled when brothers show up at her door to once again make her pay for the past.

While nobody can deny erotic fiction’s recent boom in popularity, critics and readers alike find themselves crying out for new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling the ‘same old’ concepts. 

JL on BooksgoSocial

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Bad Girl Peyton - Diamonds Aren't Forever - Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, so you can see and support all the participants.

Diamonds Aren't Forever is my first book in the series. I decided to share an excerpt from chapter 1, giving you a glimpse of our heroine, tarnished edges and all.

       ... he had the word thug written all over him. Peyton was well acquainted with men like him. Men that protected their bosses and illegal livelihood without qualms. Men she’d thought were out of her life.
       After one glance, she knew most women would have been cowering in their seat, begging for their lives, but not her. She wasn’t that type of woman.
       ...She’d walked away from a life of crime two years ago. And with a face and body like his, she would definitely have remembered him. 

Lust, crime, and redemption collide in this erotic romance…
Peyton Gilbrad finally has security she lacked as a child living in foster homes and on the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Now, she’s a bestselling author. She’s financially secure, albeit the money comes from her days as a jewel thief. Her past is dead and buried, a past she worked hard to keep a secret. A past she's walked away from, free and clear.

Sebastian and Thierry Boudreaux know all about Peyton Gilbrad. Her ex-husband is touting she’s a jewel thief with access to diamonds worth millions. The brothers are sent to collect Steven Hawking’s gambling debts. Their plan, get in, get the diamonds, and take a few extra to fund their own business, leaving their life as Number collectors for their family’s casino.

But no plan ever comes off without a hitch, like falling for Peyton Gilbrad. And no past is dead and buried. Sebastian and Thierry set off a chain of events that brings trouble to all of Diamond’s girls. Sebastian and Thierry reluctantly team up with Diamond Malloy, notorious jewel thief to rid Peyton of her problem. But are they all too late to realize diamonds aren’t always forever?

Enjoy chapter 1 on GoodReads

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Author Spotlight - Kai Elle Wheeler

I'm going in a new direction, well for this week. On my facebook page Buy the Series, I've published several reviews. So this week, I thought I'd post one that I especially liked here today. 

Author Kae Elle Wheeler. Put her name in your memory. Her fairy tale series of Cinderella and her stepsisters is a series you don't want to miss. 

Her writing is fresh, fast paced, full of action, and in books 2 and 3 capture the emotion used in romance novels. There is wit throughout, and also mystery and intrigue. Due to the time, century, within the story there are no erotic scenes. But that doesn't stop the characters from feeling and thinking about it.

There are 3 books in the series, so far, and Kae is currently working on book 4.

Cinderella. That name evokes hope in the hearts of all young girls looking for eternal love. And if us romance authors are honest with ourselves, we're just writing our own fairy tales, of HEA for our readers. In our own way of course. 

Book 1: The Wronged Princess is Cinderella's story, somewhat. Book 1 is not a romance, but the rest of the story sticks closely to the premise of the fairy tale we all know, i.e. the ball, a fairy godmother, evil stepmother and stepsisters and that glass slipper.

In book 1, Fairy godmother, Faustine, is Prince Charming's Aunt, and she and Prince's mother, Thomasine, are responsible for Cinderella being at the ball, for not just the reason for Prince to marry, but for Prince to marry an intelligent woman.

King Osmond is shown very little due to losing his faculties, but it is also indicated he's not very bright, Thus, Prince's mother tests him to make sure he's intelligent enough to make a good king. His first idea, trying the glass slipper on the foot of every maiden in his kingdom, fails miserably. What happens when the glass slipper fits someone other than Cinderella? Chaos.

Esmerelda knows the shoe doesn't belong to her, and that she doesn't want to marry prince. Her sister Pricilla is too jealous that her own foot was too big to see Esmerelda's predicament. And Stepmother is too filled with latching her daughter to royalty to care.

In her dilemma, Esmerelda turns to Cinderella for an ally. Cinde, as we come to know her pines away for Prince while getting to know Esmerelda. The pair become fast friends, all the while, Cinde's confidence is gaining. So does Esmerelda's and as a result, Pricilla changes her attitude towards Cinderella.

As the stepsisters, characteristics change so do their appearance. They become lovely women in their own right. And by the end they grow to care deeply for each other. Pricilla even goes so far as to try do away with her mother to keep Cinderella alive.

The book is entertaining in the form of Esmerelda's eye affliction and the Prince never remembering her name. We see just a glimpse of what Esmerelda's batting eyelids can accomplish. At one point, she whips up wind so strong, it flings mud in Pricilla's eye at an opportune moment to save Cinde from being questioned too far.

Prince calls Esmerelda every name under the sun, but her own. I applaud Kae for coming up with so many clever names beginning with the letter E. Names like Eglantine, Edwardina, Elphalba, Elderinda, Eutilla, and Erszebet are just a few names the prince uses to try to remember her Esmerelda's name. I can't do her wit justice. Here's one example from the story. It includes both the name change and Esmerelda's eye probelm:
’Tis our duty to introduce your bride-to-be.” Maman turned her captivating smile on Esperneldi, who swallowed visibly, sending her eyes fluttering in cyclonic proportions.'

Book 2, Unlikely Heroine, is Pricilla and Arnald's story. This book is a romance, and while we're still caught in centuries past, some modern ideas creep in, which make this fairy tale interesting.

Pricilla and Esmerelda have been given jobs by Prince Charming. And Pricilla takes hers seriously.

The book opens nine months later with Faustine and Thomasine discussing their children. Cinderella is about to give birth to the royal heir and Faustine is jealous because her son, Arnald, won't even consider marrying.

But, Faustine is up to her tricks, using her magic, to get her son married off. But Arnald has magic of his own. He fights his mother's enchanting spell she put on him to attract women. He has his own brand of mesmerizing magic and he uses it to turn the women away. Only one woman, his true love won't fall under her spell or his. Which causes trouble for both Pricilla and Arnald, for neither are ready to marry. Fate has other plans.

In the meantime, Pricilla uncovers a discrepancy in the books, and intends to investigate. Her jealousy over Esmerelda's relationship with Cinde comes to the forefront often. Pricilla remembers often that her overly large foot kept her from marrying Prince, but put Esmerelda in the spotlight, even though she constantly reminds herself she doesn't want to marry or have children. So Pricilla, plunges into solving this mystery to forget the fact she's not the marrying kind.

In Unlikely Heroine, Pricilla's headstrong ways not only aid her, but are a deterrent as well, getting her into trouble, and having to be rescued. And Arnald comes to her rescue. Pricilla and Arnald aid one another, trying to catch the culprits. They are both strong characters that compliment each other well.

This book has all the elements of a romantic mystery. Murder, Intrigue, and boy getting girl. But the fairy tale continues. Stepmother tries to kill Cinderella. Faustine and Thomasine continue to direct their children's lives, and Esmerelda's eyes still changes the weather at whim.

Book 3, Surprising Enchantress is Esmerelda's story. And though, Esmerelda has been a huge part of book 1 and 2, this time she gets her man.

It's 5 years later, Prince is about to be crowned king, Cinderella has grown confident and will make a great queen. She has two lovely children, Pricilla is pregnant, and Faustine and Thomasine are trying to come up with some idea on who would be a good match for Esmerelda.

Esmerelda has her eye on Allessandro de Lecce, but he doesn't even consider her. Most of Essie's days are spent keeping the books for the kingdom and playing with Prince Edric, Prince Charming and Cinderella's son.

But the plot to overthrow the kingdom, which was foiled by Pricilla and Arnald returns in an unlikely way. Conte de Lecce is the true heir to the kingdom and he wants it back.

Conte insists his son, and heir, Alessandro marry to suit his purposes. This excerpt tells it better than I can.

“What are you talking about Nobility, Royalty, Marriage?” Alessandro sounded…furious.
The signs of panic started at the tips of her toes, working their way up through her blood stream. Her knees shook, soon followed by a tingling sensation in her fingers.
The Conte’s tone hardened. “Sí. You shall betroth yourself and soon. ’Tis your duty. Just an heir or two. If Lady Kendra does not appeal, perhaps Lady Esmeralda is more to your tastes?”
The hair at Essie’s nape raised, along with chilled pricks over her skin, air constricted in her throat. Her eyes began their awkward fluttered fury. Dust stirred in the room, and the furniture coverings billowed in protest. She fought an imminent sneeze at the stirring dirt.
“Lady Esmeralda? You have truly lost your faculties if your ambitions go so far as to bind me for life to a woman whose eyes flutter so furiously ’tis enough to create an avalanche in these Pyrenees Mountains?” Alessandro sniffed in disgust.

Yet, soon Aless, changes his tune.

Alessandro, upon finding Esmerelda in the joining chamber has heard his outburst, regrets his rash statement. What ensues is him falling in love with her and her affliction, Essie trying her best to get over him; working all of this out while they are constantly thrown together to stop the plot by his father to overthrow the kingdom. Esemerelda must protect Prince Edric from being kidnapped before the coronation.

It is Essie's enlistment of Aless, her refusal to stay out of danger, and her affliction that pulls you into rooting for this character to get her man, and have the HEA that all fairy tale endings should have.

Stepmother is still a problem. Conte de Lecce almost succeeds and in this story we get more magic, in the form of Chevalier Joseph Pinetti, Aless' rival for Esmerelda's hand.

Even in the end, Esmerelda doesn't hesitate to think of letting Aless off the hook. “I am trying to save you a fate worse than death. Mon…Dieu!
“Bah. You are slow as a snail...”
Even though her reputation is ruined by the nights she's spent alone unchaperoned with Aless.

At the close of book 3, several surprising events happen. Faustine believes Pricilla will deliver a girl. When it is a boy, she breaks the wand. It disintegrates into glittery dust. You have to read the rest to find out who is the next fairy godmother. Or maybe you know already.

These were fun light stories. Very refreshing. Hope you take the time to enjoy. 

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Weekend Writing Warriors

Good morning. Below is an excerpt of book II in my Diamond Series, an erotic, romance, mystery. 

“Not early, it’s almost ten.” Dagan leaned in, amazed he still had the power of speach. “Mmm.” He moaned, brushing his lips over hers. Suddenly, he had a voracious need to feast on Shelbie for his morning meal.  Step back, instinct warned. Yet, he found himself pinning her against the door with his body, her puckered nipples spearing him like the sharpest of knives. She arched into him. He claimed her mouth, hard and insistent. Finally, gaining control, he teased, “Are you glad to see me, or is it the coffee on my lips,”

Book II continues Diamond's girls saga. Four teens who chose the path of crime in order to get off the streets. Now they're all grown up, have gone legit. But their past refuses to stay dead and buried.
Join these women as they struggle with falling in lust, love, and battle an unknown criminal that's out to destroy them. 

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Friday Feature - Simon Palmer

Normally, my Friday Feature is for guest authors. But this Friday is something different. A guest author is still part of the feature, but today I'll be talking about Simon Palmer, discussing his book, Lost Innocence: The Accused, part 1 (The Land of Smiles), and giving you my review.

Simon Palmer is a screen-writer and new novelist who lives in Bangkok and has spent months researching this novel visiting an Australian inmate called Mitchel Blake inside the Bangkok Hilton. Lost Innocence: The Accused, part 1 (The Land of Smiles) is his first novel. His second novelLost Innocence: Breaking Point, part 2 (The Land of Smiles) continues Michael's story.

Michael, an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn’t commit, and John, a self-confessed heroin smuggler, are brought together in the primitive and over-crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON. 
Michael fights for his freedom, while John, resigned to his fate, wants only to regain his dignity. Michael's grandfather, a once brilliant lawyer, is brought out of retirement and flies to Bangkok to fight a case in a city where justice is bought and sold to the highest bidder and corruption is the oil that greases the wheels in the Land of Smiles. Running out of time and unable to find the only witness, he searches for another way to succeed in what seems a hopeless case. Meanwhile, in order to survive the most appalling conditions in jail, Michael and John must make the best of a dire situation as they wait for their separate fates to be decided. Will justice be served or will they see out the next ten years in that hell-hole of a prison? 
This book is a must read for anyone thinking about taking risks in the Land of Smiles. Think twice.

I must say after agreeing to review this book, I was intrigued by the synopsis. Once I read the book, I can say, the synopsis does not capture the horrific conditions portrayed within the book. I am not saying the synopsis isn't good. It is, but in order to feel Michael's pain, to know he's innocent of charges, but must pay to get out of the hell he's in because a corrupt official wants money, doesn't begin to show what Michael endures. 

Michael is finally persuaded to contact his parents over his situation, and his father, Stan, a lawyer, arrives in Bangkok to bail Michael out. This is the first time we see get an in-depth look at Michael's father. He comes up short. Are all lawyers self-serving bastards that put their needs before their family? I don't think so. But still, I wondered what kind of man would arrive in a city where his son is in prison and he doesn't make the effort to immediately see him. Michael's father is weak. But, Palmer writes him as a weak character to
explore the seedy side of Bangkok.

“Let’s go upstairs.”
“What’s upstairs?”

“Have private room.”
Guilt had lost out to lust, again. Stan finished his drink, pulled up his shorts and followed her up a flight of broken stairs. They arrived at a room that smelt of smoke and sex. It had an old pool table with a torn cloth and a small, empty bar.
She locked the door behind them, leaned him up.

He shuffled back feeling foolish and waited. His heart thumped as she glided over, placed the drinks on the side then fell to her knees. She pulled down his boxers, took his manhood in her hands and tickled the tip with her nails. She took him deeply in her mouth and caressed him with her long, strong tongue. He glanced down; her eyes met his as she started to suck him fast and furiously. He could feel himself coming, again, and reached down to take her firm, left breast in his hand.
She continued, careful not to finish him, her musky perfume tickling his nostrils. He reached  down, slipped his hand through her dress and ventured down her legs. He was about to reach her opening, when she stopped him. He paused for a Mississippi count of three, then tried again –this time she allowed him safe passage.
He reached down, grazed her thigh and then continued further on his voyage until finally arriving between her legs. Expecting a shaved, smooth moist opening, he was more than gob-smacked when he felt along, hard bulge, taped up and strapped firmly to her inside leg. He felt it again -to be sure –it was still there -fuck!
A tsunami of aversion, revulsion, repulsion horror, disgust and despair swept over him, amongst other emotions that had all arrived simultaneously. He almost threw up. He lifted her(?) him(?) it from him and pushed her(?)him(?) it away. He stumbled into his clothes and dashed for the door.
“I thought you knew,” the lady-boy cried out as she stood back scratching her head.
He struggled with the lock, opened the door, legged it down the stairs and rushed out of the bar. Then boltingblindly across the road, he side-stepped a taxi-tout to be hithead-on by a Tuk Tuk.

Michael's grandfather, a retired lawyer, now must travel to Bangkok to free Michael. The man is one heart attack away from death, but his family comes first. Michael's grandfather isn't one to just pay the fine, and get out. Yes, he wants his grandson out of prison, but he also needs to know the whole story. And what unfolds reveals the corruption rife within the justice system in Bangkok. 

Once Michael's grandfather arrives in Bangkok, the story takes off. There's lots of action. We see the story from the grandfathger's POV as he investigates the madame who Michael paid to allow him to draw prostitutes. Which leads him to sex brothels posing as massage parlors. He confronts the girl's friends and family, the girl who accused Michael of rape, and we find these girls owe the chief Inspector money. Michael's grandfather hires a private investigator who promptly gets shot over the situation, but his "girlfriend", a woman who knows first hand the atrocities these women suffer, and whom has been taught how to defend herself by the private investigator now has the chief inspector in her sights. She means to kill him. 

Interspersed within the action we see Michael as he and John wade through the corruption of guards, the system that allows officials to push back their case every 12 days while prisoners live in substandard conditions. Rotting food, bugs, no beds, blankets, no facilities to relieve themselves, and with dirty water and no soap to wash.

As I read, the story it was perfectly clear that Michael is innocent. His friend, John, however, is not. I questioned why Palmer would bring in a character like John. But, the reader needs to know the innocent as well as the guilty suffer the same fate. 

I wish I could say the situation Michael faces is just fictional. It's not. The story is based on what men and women suffer at the hands of Bangkok's police.  And, I'd love to reveal more, but that would spoil it for you. So, let me say. This is a must read. 

Here's the trailer for this book. 

Purchase @

Palmer was born in a small fishing town called Whitby in North Yorkshire. He had an interest in drama at an early age and attended the 'Lee Strasberg School of Method Acting' in London. His father was a lyricist/musician and Simon discovered he could also write. He had written his own lyrics and poems since he was seven, but then discovered at acting school that he could write much more. After writing short stories, monologues and duologues, he went onto to write two screenplays that were both sold. He has now set his sights on novel writing and has two novels about to be released with Spanking Pulp Press.

Connect with Simon @