Monday, April 28, 2014

Teasin' Thierry

“None of that chère.” Bastian’s finger tugged on her chin. His mouth covered hers in a sensual kiss.
Suddenly Peyton’s feet left the floor. She squealed, but didn’t have time to settle in Bastian’s arms as he gently dropped her on the bed.
“Oh.” Peyton pouted.
“Tee’s waiting for you, chère.”
Peyton looked over her shoulder. Tee lay there looking like a marbled god. His chiseled chest, lightly furred, gave way to granite hard abs. His cock, the mushroom head an angry purple the vein on the underside throbbing with need. A drop of precome bubbled from the slit.
Peyton slid her gaze over Tee’s body once more, watching him from hooded lashes. “Yum,” she intoned, rising up on her hands and knees, making her way towards his body.
Settling between his thighs, she rubbed her hands up and down his legs, the coarse hairs adding to the friction building between her own thighs.
Peyton flicked her eyes toward Tee’s face. Her tongue slid out, wetting dry lips. Leaning in she swiped the pearly substance with the flat of her tongue, taking it in her mouth savoring the salty substance.
Moans filled the room. His, hers, theirs?
A wicked gleam filled Peyton’s eyes as she lowered her mouth to him once more.
“Nuh uh, bébé.” Tee’s gaze pinned her. “No teasin’,” he said through gritted teeth. “Hangin’ on by a thread. Now, crawl on up here and let me inside that sweet pussy of yours.”
Peyton wanted to ignore him. She wanted to take him in her mouth. To feel him hot and hard in her mouth. The weight of his balls in her hand, under her tongue. Heck, she’d been fantasizing about this too often in the last few weeks to have to stop now. But, her body naturally complied with his command.

Lowering he eyelids, so Tee couldn’t see the mischievous grin on her face, Peyton slowly inched up his gorgeous body. She ran her hands over his granite hard abs up his chiseled pecs, pausing to tweak his coppery nipples.

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