Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tantalizing Thierry

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Last week I gave readers a glimpse of Sebastian. This week we get Peyton's first glimpse of Thierry. Diamonds Aren't Forever 

“Yes,” she quipped. “Sebastian and his brother...” Oh, shit, why did I mention the absent brother? She fought the urge to hang her head.
“Thierry.” Peyton’s head snapped towards the baritone voice in the doorway, her friends had recently vacated.
All moisture left her mouth, collecting between her legs at the sight of the half-naked, and oh so delectable man, standing there. His skin had a permanent tan and his hair was black as Sebastian’s. 
...Tearing her eyes away from that promising stare, her breath backed up in her lungs, as they landed on black jeans slung low on his hips, the waistband unbuttoned, as if he’d hastily dressed.    

Bad girl Peyton Gilbrad meets her match in brother's Sebastian Thierry Boudreaux. They've kidnapped her. Exposed her past. And worst of all, they've captured her heart. 

Chapter 1 on Goodreads

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