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Bad Girl Peyton - Diamonds Aren't Forever - Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, so you can see and support all the participants.

Diamonds Aren't Forever is my first book in the series. I decided to share an excerpt from chapter 1, giving you a glimpse of our heroine, tarnished edges and all.

       ... he had the word thug written all over him. Peyton was well acquainted with men like him. Men that protected their bosses and illegal livelihood without qualms. Men she’d thought were out of her life.
       After one glance, she knew most women would have been cowering in their seat, begging for their lives, but not her. She wasn’t that type of woman.
       ...She’d walked away from a life of crime two years ago. And with a face and body like his, she would definitely have remembered him. 

Lust, crime, and redemption collide in this erotic romance…
Peyton Gilbrad finally has security she lacked as a child living in foster homes and on the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Now, she’s a bestselling author. She’s financially secure, albeit the money comes from her days as a jewel thief. Her past is dead and buried, a past she worked hard to keep a secret. A past she's walked away from, free and clear.

Sebastian and Thierry Boudreaux know all about Peyton Gilbrad. Her ex-husband is touting she’s a jewel thief with access to diamonds worth millions. The brothers are sent to collect Steven Hawking’s gambling debts. Their plan, get in, get the diamonds, and take a few extra to fund their own business, leaving their life as Number collectors for their family’s casino.

But no plan ever comes off without a hitch, like falling for Peyton Gilbrad. And no past is dead and buried. Sebastian and Thierry set off a chain of events that brings trouble to all of Diamond’s girls. Sebastian and Thierry reluctantly team up with Diamond Malloy, notorious jewel thief to rid Peyton of her problem. But are they all too late to realize diamonds aren’t always forever?

Enjoy chapter 1 on GoodReads

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