Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Snippet Sunday

I've been posting with Weekend Writing Warriors for a few months, but I've enjoyed it immensely. Click on the link to find great authors, your favorite authors' works, and new talent as well. Also this is a great way to  get sneak peaks of upcoming books. 

The next few weeks, I'll be sharing the first eight lines of each chapter from book 2 in the Diamond Series. You can read the blurb after the eight sentences. Watch for it, It will be out around Valentines.

This week is the opening of chapter 3.

   Shelbie weaved through the crowded aisles, the small basket already overflowing; she only needed a few items. When a girl was in the kind of funk she was, there was only one solution, food, junk food, and lots of it.
    Ever since speaking with Diamond she couldn’t shake this feeling. She tried to pass it off as being isolated from her family. But it wasn’t.
   Pausing in the coffee aisle, she inhaled the different flavors, hoping to jog—her memory. It was a thought just beyond reach. It had been there for the last few years. 

Cover reveal later this week, hopefully before next Sunday. 

A former prostitute and thief. A self-made billionaire set on revenge. Their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same.
Necessity made Shelbie Gilbrad a thief, the thrill kept her in the game. And now, she’s in trouble. She doesn’t see it coming, which is odd because she’s been plagued by visions her entire life except when it comes to her new boyfriend.
Dagan Hunter Caulfield has resigned himself of never recovering the rare green, teardrop diamond necklace he gave his late wife. He's moved on. However, his plan to surprise the woman he’s falling for backfires upon seeing her as a bridesmaid of the main suspect. 


  1. I can certainly identify with using junk food to get out of a funk!

    1. Thanks. It was just what Shelbie needed, but wasn't sure if it came across well.

  2. Love that junk food solution. :) Made me laugh so loud I woke the dog. Looking forward to the cover reveal~

    1. Glad you liked it. I wasn't sure if it was working.