Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whet Wednesday

You're in for a treat today. It's my birthday, and I'm giving you all a present. Instead of a few lines from book 2 here's several paragraphs.

Book cover reveal is coming.

And please, stop by Release Party, co-hosting and co-releasing, with my friend, A.L. Kessler and her book Past Demons, February 16 1:00 - midnight CST for games, fun and prizes.

This Wednesday's excerpt is from chapter 3. If yo haven't seen earlier excerpts go back to Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet from 1/18 and later. You'll be caught up then.

Chapter 3 excerpt:

Dagan loitered near the end of the aisle just out of sight. After a quick glance to make sure she hadn’t spotted him, he turned his thoughts back to his plan. It wasn’t foolproof. Shit, it wasn’t a plan at all.
Studying the jars in front of him, as if he’d be quizzed on them later, he ran it through his head one more time. Woo her into giving up the gang. He dropped his head to his chest, shaking it. That only serves to rid yourself of blue-balls…. Self-preservation.
Besides, he had every right to benefit while taking her down. Looking over his shoulder again, he locked in on Shelbie, blocking out all else. She stood mere feet away, reading wine labels.
Eyes roaming her body from toes to head, he took in, delicate feet, clad in thong sandals, toenails painted a deep blue gave way to long lean legs encased in Capri jeans molded over her firm round globes. A narrow waist leading to high full breasts, revealing creamy neck and arms in the tank top she wore; her hair piled haphazardly atop her head called to him to clutch the band while he plundered her mouth.
He wanted to savor her like a fine vintage red.
Tearing his thoughts away, he adjusted his to tight jeans, silently warning, get ahold of yourself. What would his board of directors think? He grunted. As if, he listened to them anyway. However, if they saw him now, stalking a woman, it would seriously damage his company’s reputation, not to mention, his own.
He wouldn’t stand for that. He’d worked too damn hard, slaving and sacrificing to get to the top. He had formulated a plan. Now, implement it. Shelbie’s not a corporation or thing. She’s a…woman.
Women; his MO was to select them for their beauty, use them for his pleasure; albeit showering them with gifts during their time together, and no woman ever walked away unsatisfied, and then dump them without a second thought.
Shelbie’s no different. Even as he thought that, he knew it wasn’t true. Shelbie Gilbrad wasn’t any ordinary woman. Then what was she?

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