Monday, April 21, 2014

Simple turns complicated for Sebastian

Frowning down at the beauty sprawled before him, Sebastian Boudreaux’s sour mood worsened. He was here to collect the debt her ex-husband owed not to bed her, though his body, seemed to have other ideas.
What’s up Boudreaux? It’s simple. Collect the diamonds, she’s a number.Running his hand in his hair, she’s not the number. Still you’ve collected debts from countless families in the past without any problem.  
He never liked it. But I collected and got out. Developing a conscience? I was never that far gone. And papa has taken great strides to rid the casino and his other holdings of illegal activities. But not all. It takes time. What makes her any different?
Scrubbing a hand over his face that last question stumped him. She doesn’t deserve this. None of them did. Frustration rumbled like a wild animal in his chest.
Looking at her now, her honey blonde hair mussed up like they’d just had a night of hot sex, he . . . “stop it,” Sebastian snapped out loud. He turned away, ignoring her amused stare.
Yeah, well right now I feel as crazy as you think I am. Was it too much to hope she’d give him what he came for so he could be on his way? But now that he’d smelled her perfume, touched her, tied her up; what did he actually want?
Boudreaux don’t be a fool. You don’t know this woman. It didn’t matter. His body knew her. There was no rational explanation for this attraction. No it wasn’t just attraction. It went deeper. He felt it the moment she slid into the limo.
Oh, he thought he knew beautiful women. The show girls at their casino in Louisiana came to mind, but one look into those summer blue eyes, one touch of her silky skin, no one compared.
Get on with it Bas and get out of here. But he stood there, staring at the woman, a war waging inside him. Make her pay a debt she didn’t owe or just be done with it and take her to bed. His mind and body screamed for the latter. 

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