Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. It's nice and warm here after spending a month holed up inside with ice and snow and below zero temperatures here in Tennessee. Still no sun, but I can walk around barefoot again. So that's a plus. Hope you're all doing well. 

I'm continuing with Diamonds and Deceit. It's book 2 in the Diamond Series.  Sunday I introduced you to chapter 8. We learned Shelbie found out Hunter/Dagan's identity and he'd known hers all along, well at least since Aprit. And as of Sunday they still hadn't realized it. But today. Well. Read on and find out.

Dagan’s mind splintered. She knew. He tightened his hold, reveling in the fact he didn’t have to hide any longer. “Baby,” he wanted to explain, but mostly he was glad he didn’t have to hide any longer.
It took several moments for Shelbie’s struggling to get free to reach his brain. His arms dropped to his side, stepping back. “How did you find out?” His eyes searched her face.
“It doesn’t matter. What does is I know. I want you out of here, Dagan.”
He flinched at Shelbie’s use of his first name. “No.” He had to defuse the situation.
She shot him a credulous look. “No?” She slapped a hand against his chest, but cool air hit her body as the towel slipped. She grabbed the edges. “Can you give me a minute, Dagan?”
“No.” Normally, he would work damage control right about now, but his mind went blank as he took in her hurt stare. He crossed his arms over his chest to keep from reaching for her. He should be explaining, making her see his side, but for once in his life; he was at a loss as to what to say.

He couldn’t help the smirk when Shelbie’s jaw dropped and her face heated under his singular stare. “I’ve seen everything you got. Tasted every delectable inch.” His heated gaze roamed over her exposed skin from her lilac painted toes to the top of her damp hair. “You’ll just have to dress in front of me.” 

Diamonds and Deceit Blurb
Necessity made Shelbie Gilbrad a prostitute and thief, the thrill kept her in the business. But now she’s in trouble and doesn’t see it coming, which is odd because Shelbie’s been plagued by visions her entire life.
As a self-made billionaire bent on revenge, Dagan Hunter Caulfield has resigned himself of never recovering the rare green, teardrop diamond necklace. He’s moved on. His plan to surprise the woman he’s falling for, gets him the shock of his life. 
Shelbie and Dagan’s worlds collide and neither will ever be the same. Yet outside forces pit them against one another, putting their lives in danger. Can he forgive her past? Can she save the man she loves?   

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