Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors - #8Snippet Sunday

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I'm continuing with Diamonds and Deceit. It's book 2 in the Diamond Series. Here are a few links to previous posts to get you cauth up. 

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This week we're beginning chapter 10. The opening scene is of Shelbie after she's back in Atlanta after being unable to do more than lust after one Hunter.

   Shelbie hummed off key and tapped her toes to Journey’s, Greatest Hits, CD as she plucked tequila and triple sec out of the liquor cabinet. Margaritas were in order. Not only were they the perfect drink for chips and salsa, fajitas and the trimmings, she’d picked up from Bella’s Bistro, but also for getting snockered.
   Popping a warm chip in her mouth, she grabbed a knife and cutting board, slicing and juicing limes. She wasn’t going to think about Hunter. A Margarita was just the thing to get him off her mind.  
   She had opted to stay at her condo in Atlanta instead of going home to McDonough. Well away from her prying family. So, not to be near Hunter.

Diamonds and Deceit 
Necessity made Shelbie Gilbrad a prostitute and thief, the thrill kept her in the business. But now she’s in trouble and doesn’t see it coming, which is odd because Shelbie’s been plagued by visions her entire life.
As a self-made billionaire bent on revenge, Dagan Hunter Caulfield has resigned himself of never recovering the rare green, teardrop diamond necklace. He’s moved on. His plan to surprise the woman he’s falling for, gets him the shock of his life. 
Shelbie and Dagan’s worlds collide and neither will ever be the same. Yet outside forces pit them against one another, putting their lives in danger. Can he forgive her past? Can she save the man she loves? 


  1. Realistic. Sometimes physical distance is the only cure. But I think there might be a surprise visit in her future. :-) Nicely done!

    1. Teresa, you are correct. Sadly in this chapter the surprise isn't good. Stop by for Whet Wednesday to see more.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I'm thinking she's trying to convince herself that she's done the right thing. As in: "the lady doth protest too much." Hopefully, a margarita will give her a little better perspective.

    1. Patricia, I like the way you think.
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Margaritas are the cure for what ails you, eh? Shelbie has quite a past to forgive--I hope Hunter is up to the task.

    1. Ed, you are so right a good margarita takes away a lot.
      Thanks for stopping by.