Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whet Wednesday

Dagan sealed his fate when he made love to Shelbie. Here is an excerpt of the actual thieves. Oh, and Shelbie's still in the dark. Find out the whole story in Diamonds and Deceit.

Chapter 7 Excerpt:

“Where have you been?” the woman shrieked. She didn’t give the other person a chance to explain. “I’ve been calling you for weeks. We have a problem. Dagan found out. He’s been seeing her, and now they’ve left Atlanta. I need you to find him, keep tabs on them both.”
Silence met her tirade.
“Did you hear me?”
After a long pause, the bored, deep voice responded. “I did. You, my dear are the one with the problem.”
“If they find out about me…”

“You’ll what. Tell on me.” He mocked. “I made sure nothing traces back to me. The only reason I took the job was because Malloy wouldn’t touch it. And,” triumph filled his voice, “I beat my rival. He may not know it, but it’s my own satisfaction.”

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