Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Snippet - Diamond

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support.

Have you wondered about Diamond? Not the gems, but the man behind the series? Diamonds Aren't Forever  He's real, and looks something like the guy below. Enjoy!

     She remembered the day she stole Diamond’s wallet like it was yesterday....  “If you put the money... y’all can eat much longer.” A deep voice behind her drawled.
     Peyton spun around… Standing in the opening of the alley was Malloy. His chocolate brown eyes bored into hers. She fought the urge to swallow.
     Sizing him up, she took in his mocha skin, shaved head, and diamond stud in his right ear. He looked to be about six feet tall and if it wasn’t for his thick muscled chest and arms, she would have called him lanky.

Now wouldn't you join his gang? So HOT! 

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