Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors - First Kiss

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I'm taking a step back in the book. I hope you like first kisses. Diamonds Aren't Forever 

    “What I want...” he began, stalking towards her. A commotion in the hall cut him off, drawing their attention.
    “Oh shit.” He heard her swear. A flash of black and fuchsia filled his view, falling into his open arms. 
    “Quick, kiss me.” 
    Was that fear in her eyes? ...  A woman afraid of him wouldn’t be kissing him so thoroughly. Her tongue licked his lower lip, bringing him out of his inner argument.
    Jolts of electricity flowed from her lips to his, setting his entire body ablaze. Her scent shrouded him. She was soft and lush in all the right places and easily fit his body. 
    Soft lips growled against his. “Put some effort into it. It has to look real.”

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