Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Temptation Tuesday - Inspiration

Inspiration, what is, where does it come from? Well, I'm not sure I can easily explain what it is, or even want to try, but what I can talk about is where it comes from. At least for me.

When I sit down to write out my characters I already have an inkling of their characteristics. Height, weight, coloring, etc. But then I want a visual aid to flesh this person out.

For my main character, Peyton, in Diamonds Aren't Forever, I made her a petite woman with honey blonde hair. So, I looked for some examples. The image below is close, but Peyton's slightly older.

Finding men that fit my characters was so much easier. And for my first book, I had tons and tons of photos to choose from, (such a hardship), and hours upon hours of sifting through hot bodied, male nudes. Well, from the waist up. A girl can dream. Can't she?

When I developed my trailer for Diamonds Aren't Forever, this image just popped. I could see Peyton, carrying a gun at some point in her past. And of course, she had to be sexy while stealing jewels, so of course this image fit into her persona quite well. 

Diamonds Aren't Forever

This image of romance cover model Jimmy Thomas to the right was perfect for brothers, Sebastian and Thierry. But I'm working on book 2 of the series and have shifted gears.

Dagan is a self-made man with a billion dollar company to run. His brown hair with red and gold highlights and hazel eyes could look something like Thomas, but Dagan is longer, leaner, polished. And I couldn't use another image that reminded me of bad boys, Sebastian and Thierry.

So, where do I get my inspiration from? (I suck my lower lip between my teeth hide the my wanton smile). Check out my page on Pinterest, and see.

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