Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Snippet Sunday

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Here's another snippet from book 1 of Diamond series, Diamonds Aren't Forever. In this installment, Peyton gets an up close and personal with Thierry, the other half the brother duo.

 “Hey there, bébé.” He huffed softly. “I been waitin’ to do dis for hours.” He rubbed his sensuous lips over hers.
 His eyes lit up like a black light, beckoning. She felt his large hand splayed between her shoulder blades while the other cupped the back of her head, pulling her closer, molding her body to his, swooping in for another kiss.
 Where Sebastian’s lips demanded Thierry’s coaxed. Where Sebastian’s tongue devoured, Thierry’s skillfully searched. Where Sebastian’s tongue dueled with hers, Thierry’s teased and taunted, drawing her in. Snap, now she was lusting after both men.

Diamonds Aren't Forever is a romance, erotic, mfm mystery. Book 1 sets up the mystery that continues throughout the series.

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