Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wewriwa - 8Snippet Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support.

Here's another snippet from book 1 of Diamond series, Diamonds Aren't Forever In this snippet Peyton kisses Sebastian (at this time she doesn't even know his name) to keep her family from finding out the reason he's in her home. 

Merde, she wound her leg along the outside of his thigh, rubbing it like a cat in heat. How had this gone from a simple kiss to sex standing up in seconds? He didn’t really care.  
“Mon Dieu, I need you now.” He spoke through their kiss. Never breaking contact with her mouth, he lifted her, wrapping her legs around him. Cupping both hands beneath her heart shaped ass, grinding his erection into her weeping pussy.
“Yes.” His deep voice reverberated through her like a tuning fork. 
Coughing from the doorway stopped him cold.

Looking up, he saw four pairs of amused eyes on him. His eyes fell on the woman in his arms. She felt right, too right. But like her home, something was off. His eyes narrowed. She’d only kissed him after they arrived. Why? 

Diamonds Aren't Forever is a romance, erotic, mfm mystery. Book 1 sets up the mystery that continues throughout the series.

Diamonds Aren't Forever  On sale Thanksgiving Day. 

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