Sunday, November 2, 2014

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I'm continuing with Book 2 in the Diamond Series. In this excerpt we find Dagan waiting for Shelbie in a restaurant in Savannah. It's only been a few weeks that he found out her true identity.
He's dressed as the powerful mogul that he is, planning to confront her right away. But, he doesn't get the chance.
Shelbie only knows Dagan as Hunter, a hard working construction foreman.

Dagan Hunter Caulfield felt like a fool sitting alone in a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, waiting for his nemesis. Anger seared through him. Really, no one would blame him for not knowing who she was.
     In fact, how could he know? He should have. He prided himself on knowing an opponent inside and out. But this time— he’d been blindsided.
     All because of a few lunch dates. He snorted. More like a few dozen. 
     What had happened to him? He’d faced opponents before. Hell, competition and making enemies were old hat. He’d eaten them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and spat them out coming and going. 

In the meantime, book 1 of Diamond Series is titled Diamonds Aren't Forever. It sets up the mystery and the menage between Peyton and brothers, Sebastian and Thierry is hot. 

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