Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 8Snippet Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support.

For the next few weeks, I'll be giving peeks of chapters from book 1 of Diamond Series. Diamonds Aren't Forever. To keep readers interested in the series before it goes on sale for the holidays. 

At the time, he’d barked out a laugh at her assumption he and his brother, Thierry, were there for a night of loving. It had died quickly on his lips as images of her soft naked body sandwiched between the two of them filled his head. It didn’t help that her full breasts strained against her cream silk shirt as she struggled against her bonds.

Braless. Lord help him, he almost swallowed his tongue. Her nipples were tight buds rasping against the silky material. His fingers twitched desiring to twist, tweak, and torture them until she came.

Diamonds Aren't Forever is an erotic, menage, romance. It sets up the mystery that continues throughout the series.

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