Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wewriwa 8Snippet Sunday - Diamonds Aren't Forever

Weekend Writing Warriors is a great way to find new authors, get snippets of your favorite authors' works, and get sneak peaks of upcoming books. Visit the link, and thanks for your support.

For the next few weeks, I'll be giving peeks of chapters from book 1 of Diamond Series. Diamonds Aren't Forever. To keep readers interested in the series before it goes on sale for the holidays. 

     “You tryin’ to tell me something, chère?” His deep voice wound around her sending fine tremors through her body. Stop this. She knew those tremors had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with desire.  What I wouldn’t give to be wet with sweat after hours of lovemaking.
     Between her underused body and overactive imagination that worked well in writing novels, but not here, not now. She was her worst enemy. Get. It. Together. 
     Peyton wasn’t too lost in thought not to feel his strong fingers brushing against the base of her neck, or her reaction.  

Diamonds Aren't Forever sets up the mystery that continues throughout the series. And, it has one of my favorite elements of romance, a menage. 

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