Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 9 - Christmas With You Sexy Santa

If you've been on my blog at one time or another then I'm sure you have seen my book reviews or author spotlights. Well, today's sexy Santa is accompanied by review of Tracey Alvarez's Christmas Christmas With You Novella,

Christmas With You – Tracey Alvarez
“You know, ho-ho-ho, and pretty girls under the mistletoe” (Lucy; Charles Schulz, A Charlie Brown Christmas).
As I finished Christmas With You, I could see Lucy leaning on the toy grand piano with Schroeder playing his heart out, only for Lucy to contradict him on every version. Before his last attempt, she gave the line above, her eyes fluttering a thousand miles per second to get her man. She had the moves.
And so does, Carly Gatlin, well she would have if she hadn’t fallen off the ladder while hanging mistletoe, but wouldn’t you know old Kip, all washboard abs, dark hair, blue eyes, and nearly six feet of muscle comes to the rescue.
Christmas With You by Tracey Alvarez is a fun novella that will get you in the holiday, as well as in the romantic spirit.
Due South is a bar on Stewart Island, New Zealand. It’s about as far south as one can get before hitting Antarctica. The series isn’t only about romance, and some scenes are sure to steam up any room, but also about family. Family is all important to these characters, and Tracey puts it out there. The good, the bad, and the oh so yummy men of that tiny island.
If you’re looking for some man candy, a woman who can’t resist being dragged out of her bah-humbug attitude, and an invasion of family, Kip’s, then for goodness sakes run out and purchase this book. It will leave you warm-hearted and ready to tackle the mad Christmas rush, hours of backing, and the worst in-laws this side of the South Pole.
If you’re a white Christmas kind of girl or guy, then head to the beach for some white sand. It’s summer down south and we get to see lots of skin, and a water gun fight that has parts of the female anatomy standing at attention.
Kip’s family, mother, father, three older sisters, twin nephews and an infant niece invades Kips peaceful solitude this yule season. They have an ulterior motive to get him to return to the family farm up north on the mainland. Carly is missing her deceased father, and is all alone because a Grinch of her older step-brother doesn't want to bring her into the family fold. Oh, these two should get together. And Kip’s mother and sisters are on a mission to not only make Carly’s first Christmas without her father memorable, but to help luv just a little bit. But wouldn't you know, there’s a few bumps along the way.
This story is not only heartwarming it is light, fun, and has the right touch or romance to keep even us die hard erotic fans coming back for more.

Christmas With You excerpt: 

“My dad always insisted we have a real Christmas tree, not a fake one. Every year, even after Mom died, we’d drive out to a farm to pick one out. We’d lug that fir over to his pickup—him taking the weight at the heavy end, of course—and after we’d loaded it, he’d scoop me up and pretend to throw me on top.” Her lips curved at the memory. “Back home, we’d hang every single decoration in the box on that damn tree. His decorating philosophy was if the light reflecting off the sparkly balls and tinsel weren't blinding us, we hadn't accomplished our second Christmas mission.”
Second Christmas mission?”
She nodded, resisting the temptation to burrow into him farther. “Get a real tree and deck it out Gatlin style. Mission number two out of six.”
“What was the first?”
“Write a letter to Santa—in my best handwriting, with correct punctuation and grammar. No cheating by using a computer and spell check.”
“And the other four missions?”
“Number three required a trip to the nearest mall to sit on Santa’s knee.”
He pulled back to grin down at her, brushing a strand of hair off her face. “Didn't you already write him a letter?”
“The letter was to tell him what I wanted. I had to thank him for all his hard work during the year in per-son.”
“And to plead your case to be on the nice list?”
“I was always on the nice list.”
“I bet you were. And fourth?”
“Baking Christmas cookies to share with the neighborhood. Mission five was planting the magic Christ-mas beans.”
Kip’s eyebrows shot up, and a giggle slipped past her lips.
“Magic Christmas beans?” he asked. “You've lost me.”
“On Christmas Eve, a little envelope of jellybeans would arrive in our mailbox, along with instructions on how to plant them in our backyard that night. Come Christmas morning, I’d wake to find the jellybeans had transformed into a row of candy-canes.”

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