Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sexy Santa #7

I couldn't decide if the title should be 7 Sexy Santa or the one I posted. When I saw 7 Sexy Santa, I can't really post my thoughts here. Just know that included doing things with more than two sexy Santas.

That brought me to the picture I found of a group of sexy Santas advertising water polo. You can find that article on my Pinterest board mmmmen.

Now, I'm a big football fan. I prefer college football, (Roll Tide). I am a Tennessee Titans fan (my home state and all), but I've always preferred New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons. I like them tall, muscular and just a little on the stocky side. The more I can hold on to the better.

But there's nothing wrong with a lean muscular guy. I sit up and take a second notice. So, these sexy Santas are a tribute to the sports fan in all of us. And as always, the more the merrier.

Italian water polo team

I had to add this one too. There are 8 of these guys. So close to the magic number 7.

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