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Friday Feature - Author Spotlight A. L. Kessler

I am so excited to post this Author Spotlight. I may have said those words before, and I mean them every time, but, I got to know A.L. at IRC this year. And months before that, with the planning of the conference.

We talked via FB, we shared IRC precon event in July. There were so many other things that by the time the conference arrived, and when I agreed to be a part of her blog tour, in my mind I was doing something for a dear friend.

Dark War Chronicles is her series. And while you'll only see my review of the book 1, In the Light of book on Buy the Series Monday October 20. I'll have it posted early afternoon.
the Moon, you can read my review of the first three

But, enough about me. You're here to read more about A. L. Kessler and her series. I loved it. I realized I was a sucker for paranormal a while back. And when I got the chance to read the series, I jumped at it. I wasn't disappointed. And, I was surprised. A.L. presents all of paranormal's facets. The best in the characters as well as the bad. Enjoy the review.

In the Light of the Moon is book 1 in the Dark War Chronicles.

A shifter with no control...

As a panther shifter stripped of her control Kassity has no choice but to be a killer for Lucius. Obeying the vampire was simply her way of life. Until Jaxon comes to town, bring trouble with him. When she recognizes Jaxon as her fated mate, Kassity must deal with betrayal, secrets and Lucius in order to be with him.

A war rages on...

Jaxon must decide who he is fighting for and against. What started as a simple job turns into a complicated game of hearts when he meets Kassity, the woman he thought he was rescuing.

But not everything is as it seems in Lucius' territory...


     Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way, right away. In the Light of the Moon is paranormal romance written by A. L. Kessler. It is part of a series, Dark War Chronicles. So far there are three books. And that’s where the typical paranormal romance ends.
     Now the blurb touts Kassity as a panther shifter who has had her powers stripped by Lucius a vampire. And the blurb will also describe Jaxon as Kassity’s fated mate, who brings trouble to Lucius’ territory. Trouble that targets Kassity. But, that’s only a small piece of what’s going on. Let me see if I can take you deeper into the book.
     Please forgive me, but my information is a little out of order. I think it’s important to get to know the main characters within novels, and while this book is Kassity and Jaxon’s romance, it’s not complete without first getting to know Lucius.
     Lucius controls his territory in Colorado. I know this because I’ve read books two and three already. And, I’m giving you this so you know where the action takes place. The reader doesn’t really miss that tidbit, but personally I like to know where the characters live.
     Lucius, think of him as a warlord. The story demonstrates the master manipulator that readers will come to know in Lucius. He’s harsh. His will is law, he requires absolute loyalty of those under his protection; and those who do not obey, suffer; those who are bound to him, as well as his enemies.   Yet, for all of that, Kessler shows there is a reason for his actions.
     In Book One, Kassity’s panther is under the control of Lucius. And while he has stripped her of her control, so he can use her powers to kill his enemies, it’s not all black and white, good or evil. Kassity has actually given up control.  She came to Lucius to protect her from her clan. But, I suspect there’s more to it than that. And, the wolf clan, run by her father, also controlled Kassity’s panther at one time.
     “Remember when Josh brought you here?” He unwound his hand from her hair
and ran his fingers through it. “Remember how scared and beaten you were?”
     Her mind flashed back to Josh carrying her through the woods while she clung to
consciousness. How her body ached when she had outrun the rest of her family and
survived the game they played. Never having to care for a Lycan before he did what he
could to tend to her wounds, but still turned to Lucius for help.
     “When will you learn that you belong to me? That your beast recognizes that debt
that you must pay?” He moved her hair to the side, his fingers brushing over her
     She shivered and her breath caught in her throat as she turned her back to him. “I
was never good at being locked up and owned.”
     Lucius has his own agenda for controlling Kassity, which is slowly revealed through the series. But, there is a clue. He knows Kassity’s secret. And, he’s waiting for it to come to fruition.
     Jaxon is hired by Kassity’s father. “My daughter’s been kidnapped and I want her home.” Quinn crossed his arms and met Jax’s eyes. “She was taken from our clan’s territory by a vampire.”
     From the moment Jaxon sees Kassity, he finds her fascinating. Not that she’s another rare panther like himself, but she’s the first person to calm his beast. Soon he realizes Kassity as his fated mate. And being near her, having her, and keeping her safe becomes priority over turning her over to her father.
     Jaxon is as cautious as they come. He becomes suspicious of the werewolf who hired him. Quinn isn’t the loving father, he shows himself to be. And, Jaxon finds that his motives are far worse than Lucius’. I won’t say more or, I’ll be giving spoiler alerts left and right.
     Throughout the novel, while Lucius is manipulating both Kassity and Jaxon to do his bidding, the couple begins to manipulate Lucius on their own. Lucius accepts their terms, and the mates, mate as a good paranormal romance requires.
     But there is so much more going on. There is some good in Lucius and he’s not all powerful.  He’s vulnerable, Tegan, his human is the only thing keeping him sane. And she’s been compromised. You’ll have to read that for yourself.
     Secondary characters like Mae, a human, who Lucius turned for helping Kassity and Josh. (Josh is a very minor character). There is Tegan, Lucius’ human who was forced to send an important artifact away by another vampire called an Original. There’s Coran and Orion. Werewolf and Fae, respectively, who we see much more of in books two and three of the series. They are important to Lucius’ plans and the survival of his little family.
     This book is stand alone in the romance. It has an HFN, but to find out the bigger picture, one must read the series.  

Author BIO
A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and Steampunk author residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager, she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, training a playful puppy named Zelda, playing with her daughter, or killing creepers and mining all the things with her husband of four years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or writing in her Blog Writing Rambles.

Published works: In the Light of the Moon (DWC #1) - Novel

The Touch of Night (DWC #0.5) Note: This short story is not required to read to understand the overall arc of the story.
In the Light of the Moon (DWC #1) Kassity's & Jaxon's Book
Dance in the Moonlight (DWC #2) Renee's & Coran's Book
On Torn Wings (DWC #3) Orion's & Dani's Book
Past Demons (DWC #4) Tegan's Book, Due out Feb 2015

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