Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Feature - Tracey Alvarez

Hey all. I'm revisiting an author from a previous post. Tracey Alvarez's Due South Series has another book. The release date here in the United States is today. In her neck of the woods, New Zealand it's the 25th, which is the 24th here.

Book three is just as good, if not better than books 1 and 2. This book has a great food theme going on and the hottest sex scene that begins at a kitchen that I've ever read. Here's an excerpt.

He grabbed two sweet butt cheeks in his
hands and backed her up to the counter. Soon as he‘d
wedged himself against her so she couldn‘t escape, he
snatched up her right hand, which crept along to his
neat rows of cupcakes.
She glared daggers at him.
―I might throw like a girl,‖ he said. ―But I‘m still
bigger and stronger and faster than you are.
Her knee jerked, and he thrust forward, grinding into
the cradle of her hips. Her eyes widened. Yeah, the oven
wasn‘t the only piece of hot equipment in this kitchen.
Lush breasts rubbed against him as her breaths
heaved in and out, her pebble-hard nipples stabbing into
his chest.
He bent and nipped her bra strap between his teeth,
tugging it sideways until it slid off her shoulder.

See my entire review on Buy the Series.

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