Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Temptation Tuesday - Things that are... bad for us

In my day job, I teach college writing. It was never my first choice, but it's a way to make a living, somewhat. Anyway, one of the topics I came across in my career is, "Why is everything I like, food, smoking, drinking, etc. bad for me?"

Students had a field day with this topic. They wrote tomes on how much they liked junk food, pizza and chicken wings were in the top food items. Chocolate and other sugary sweets were there as well. I teach military so, a lot of soldiers related, kicking back, smoking a cigar while drinking bourbon, whiskey, or beer was their temptation of choice.

Others went so far as to talk about their daredevil acts. Driving at speeds of 100+, jumping out of airplanes, deep sea diving was mentioned.

But, what everyone had a problem with that assignment was, discussing, and or relating how bad it was for them. They choose to ignore that portion of the assignment.

Dagan, Diamonds Sometimes Lose Their Luster has a similar dilemma.

Enjoy this week's excerpt.

His hands sought her breasts. He almost sighed in relief as he brushed his knuckles over her beaded nipples. With her gasp, he swept his tongue inside her mouth, tasting, exploring her depths until she moaned, kissing him back with the same fervor.
Dagan, wasn’t satisfied with just one kiss. “I shouldn’t.” He growled, drinking in the sight of her. He fisted his hands in her riotous curls, exposing her neck. He raked his teeth down the column of her neck. His other hand slid up her back, under the little sheer number, pressing between her shoulders to bring her closer.
“Want you so much.” Desperation filled his voice. He moaned loudly, her skin was soft, silky. It seared him. It was difficult to focus. Her sexy little noises didn’t help.
Placing open mouth kisses from her shoulder to ear, over and over, he pushed away, his hands gripping the thin blue material, sliding it up her arms and over her head.
Dagan stepped back, taking a long look. Even in the dim light, the pink and blue dot bikini boasted a retro theme, but the three scraps of material were as modern as they came.

His mouth dried. Like he’d swallowed all the sand on Tybee beach this afternoon. This is a mistake. The practical part of his brain warned. She’s the enemy, she took what belonged to him. Shelbie had to pay. 

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